About ColliderX

ColliderX is the world’s first open-source, crowdsourced, and crowdfunded blockchain research and development hub. This is a unique model for unbiased, ground-breaking R&D that bridges the gap between industry problems and pure academic or corporate research.

Although we are passionate about the power of blockchain technology, we don’t want to be restricted to just that; we explore blockchain at the convergence of other technologies. To us, "[Blockchain++]" means blockchain at the intersection of machine learning and A.I, with augmented reality, and Internet of Things as other areas of interest.

The ColliderX name was inspired by the world's most powerful particle accelerator, a facility to allow physicists to test the predictions of different theories, by accelerating particles to a point where the kinetic energy created can impact other particles. Similarly, we are putting incredibly smart people together in a room (virtual and physical) to see how we can harness the power of experimental research and tinkering. 


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