Byron Gibson

Byron Gibson is a technical consultant focusing on blockchain research and deployment. 


His main interests are in security, risk, and reliability of blockchain infrastructure systems.  He conceived and co-organized a conference series on the topic at Stanford University - Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering (  He is also helping organize a similar conference series at Berkeley (  Mr. Gibson holds a BS in Economics and Statistics from Cornell University.

From 2014 through 2015 he was an early employee and COO of Mirror Inc (formerly Vaurum), an early Bitcoin startup.  From 2016 he has advised large multinationals and governmental entities on blockchain use cases. 


He also created two blockchain study groups - Cryptofinance, investigating advanced monetary systems for next-generation blockchain architectures, and the Crypto-Economy Working Group, connecting blockchain technical specialists with legal and policy specialists.  Previously he worked as a programmer mainly in the banking and airline industries, working on data analysis and mission critical business systems respectively. 


He believes there is a need for an independent research organization that fills the gap between the practical application development of corporate teams and the more fundamental research of academia.  ColliderX is an independent not-for-profit research organization, funded mainly by potential users and customers of blockchain technology, and with no commercial products of its own.  Thus its interests and financial incentives are aligned to facilitate asking hard questions about the technology and producing high-quality answers that can reliably inform corporate and government strategy.